Act2Manage Application

An interactive, gamification-based, practice-oriented leadership development application that provides immediate help and enables follow-up to the most common dilemmas.

Deliberate Leadership Program

It helps you gain the basic knowledge you need to lead people in five one-day modules, and you use coaching to ensure that the knowledge you gain is integrated into everyday life.

Developing Team Cohesion

The program improves team cohesion. Using the philosophy of strength, we develop self-knowledge, help us get to know each other better, and place emphasis on follow-up.

Deliberate Leadership Program Pro

Drawing on 21st century discoveries in behavioural and neuroscience, the program helps leaders to develop their personal development, retain staff, improve performance and manage change more effectively.

Change Management Support

We use behavioural science to link employee behaviour to business results during change, to make the new conditions sustainable and permanent.

Deliberate Lean Leadership

This program combines and complements the development of classical leadership competencies with the principles of “Lean Leadership” and the tools of Lean leadership. Not only in production and near-production areas, but also in the office environment.

Strengths-based self-awareness program

The program aims to raise awareness and support employees to build on their strengths and use them consciously in their everyday work..

Strengths-based self-awareness and leadership program

Leaders who do their job by building on their strengths are more motivated and outperform those who focus on developing their weaknesses. The program helps to achieve this.

Act2Manage is a European HR Consultancy and leadership development company established in Budapest in 2006. When it comes to work, professional approach and outstanding performance are best complemented by trust based personal connections and a strengths-based working environment.

Our goal is to provide proven solutions to Team Leaders and Managers of our international clients – media, telecommunication, transportation, professional services, healthcare, IT and financial companies – that enable them to reach excellent and long-lasting performance. We achieve this by efficiently and permanently changing their way of operation and behavior.

Our philosophy:

Simplicity and iteration
We move forward in smaller, incremental (agile) steps to ensure that things get done and changes are sustained on long term.

We build on strengths 
We build on critical thinking, behavioral science, positive psychology and strength-based leadership and we constantly improve our solutions with the latest related scientific research findings.

We work in job context 
We provide solutions for real life working context instead of explaining lab exercises, simulations, or theories. We conduct development as a several months process that delivers measurable result.

We share knowledge 
We write leadership development blogs and published 7 bestselling e-books (over 190.000 downloads) and take the lead in different organizations (Chairman of HR Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce, Presidency of International Coaching Federation, etc.)

We innovate 
Our gamified leadership development application – Act2Manage – helps managers turn knowledge into action and change their behavior on-the-job.

Management experience is our USP
We have solid business background – we managed key business projects for our clients, all our facilitators are seasoned professionals who have several years hands-on business experience in leadership roles at multinational organizations.

As work plays significant role in our lives, we make sure you have fun and feel yourself comfortable while working with us! Our motto is: ’Leaders don’t learn from people they don’t like.’



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Sigrun Debaillie

Laszlo Filep

Patricia Tarczali

Alexandra Mandoki

Tamas Sitkei

Renata Sover


A2M 4.0

Act2Manage – When dreams come true

Checking our calendar, we had a kick-off meeting at the beginning of 2021 and started dreaming about the 4.0 version of our Act2Manage leadership development application. And now, we have just released the improved version including most of those dreams. It is a major change from professional perspective as well, we implemented a number of new functions based on behavioural science and neuroscience.

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Can mobile learning contribute to business results?

It’s always great to see when L&D professionals make an effort to find data-based evidence for the effectiveness of various training and development initiatives. One day, Fuse, a digital learning tool provider (no, not LMS, but a totally different approach) joined forces with the AI Center of University College London to work for Carpetright, an international retailer with 420 outlets and 3000 employees. They wanted to find out if digital learning results in measurable performance improvement in sales.

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Two reasons why goal setting often fails

Over the past twenty years I have had a chance to see hundreds of performance appraisal documents that had a goal setting section. An incredibly high proportion contained low quality, vague goals, such as “keep up with the good work” or “develop communication skills”. All these managers missed an opportunity to actually carry out their primary responsibilities: improve the work performance and output of their people, and help them grow.

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