Improve employee engagement by better managers

Research studies agree that it is the team leaders who have the greatest impact on employee engagement. We make measurable and sustainable change in leadership practices of managers, team leaders based on behavioral science, adult learning methodologies and positive psychology.


for Managers

Offers customisable, on-the spot tips for the most frequent people management dilemmas and situation and helps improve employee engagement.

for Employees

Provides instant, immediately applicable support for employees to deliberately resolve work-situations and develop their skills, performance and career on-the-job.

for Lean Managers

Supports behavioural change towards lean leadership by answering questions related to managing people and processes, as well as establishing related workplace habits.

for Lean Practitioners

Enhances the lean perspective and knowledge of employees working in process improvement. Fosters lean culture in the organisation by transferring knowledge into practice through the implementation of specific action steps.


Deliberate Leadership Program

Covers the essentials of people managements in five one-day modules and uses coaching to ensure that knowledge is transferred into daily leadership practices.

Developing Team Cohesion

Based on strength philosophy our program fosters self-awareness and a deeper understanding of other team members. Through common goals and rigorous follow-up, team cohesion will be enhanced.

Deliberate Lean Leadership

This program combines the development of people management essentials with the principles of “Lean Leadership” and the application of Lean tools. Not only in production but also in an office environment.

Deliberate Leadership Program Pro

Drawing on the 21st century findings of behavioural and neuroscience, our advanced program helps leaders in personal development, performance improvement retention and more effective change management.

Change Management Support

We use behavioural science to link employee behaviour to business results during change, to make the new conditions sustainable and permanent.

Strengths-based self-awareness program

The program aims at raising awareness and supporting team members to build on their strengths and use them consciously in their everyday work.

Strengths-based self-awareness and leadership program

Managers who build on their strengths and those of their team members are more motivated and outperform other managers who focus on developing weaknesses. The program helps managers move in this direction.


The labor shortage, high attrition made it inevitable for CEOs and CHROs to put more focus on employees. As fluctuation is a significant cost driver, it was never as important to retain them as today. In spite of the enormous effort HR and main-stream providers had put into improving motivation recent researches on employee engagement had shocking results: only 15% of the employees are actively engaged.

Research studies agree that it is the team leaders who have the greatest impact on employee engagement. When it comes to develop them we mainly choose one of two dinousaours:

  • Either put the managers in a classroom and bombard them with much information for one to three days,
  • Or use an e-learning platform and let them customize their learning experience. And bombard them with even more information for a lot longer that 3 days.

Training and leadership development programs revolve around a false assumption: if managers know it then they do it. We all can witness that this is not true, they fail to bridge the knowing-doing gap.

The missing link of turning knoweldge into action is to support them in changing behavior. Our team of seasoned business mangers combine different interactions for as long as 8-10 months make this change and transformation sustainable based on behavioral science, adult learning methodologies and positive psychology. 

Not only our solutions are a lot more efficient and effective than classic ones, but it makes us unique that we can measure the change in behaviour by means of our on-the-job app, so that to provide you a lot better ROI than traditional approaches.

We are a boutique company for improving engagement by better management. The ultimate winners are the employees, because they have a capable and confident manager who makes them more productive and engaged.



The biggest questionmark of Talent Management Systems

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He explained that their employees are invited to put their existing skills in the system and provide some information about their aspirations. It sounded a kind of a logical approach at first sight. He added that their people liked very much the special care when they uploaded their capabilities in the system and felt that they are better understood.

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A2M 4.0

Act2Manage – When dreams come true

Checking our calendar, we had a kick-off meeting at the beginning of 2021 and started dreaming about the 4.0 version of our Act2Manage leadership development application. And now, we have just released the improved version including most of those dreams. It is a major change from professional perspective as well, we implemented a number of new functions based on behavioural science and neuroscience.

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