Act2Manage Application

An interactive, gamification-based, practice-oriented leadership development application that provides immediate help and enables follow-up to the most common dilemmas.

Blended Group

Recently, corporate clients around the world have expressed an increasing need for leadership development services that can be delivered without personal contact. 

Deliberate Leadership Program

It helps you gain the basic knowledge you need to lead people in five one-day modules, and you use coaching to ensure that the knowledge you gain is integrated into everyday life.

Developing Team Cohesion

The program improves team cohesion. Using the philosophy of strength, we develop self-knowledge, help us get to know each other better, and place emphasis on follow-up.

Act2Manage is a European HR Consultancy and leadership development company founded in Budapest. We co-create effective, sustainable change and transformation processes with our clients in organisational development projects. Our team comprises seasoned professionals with several years of experience in leadership roles at multinational organisations. Our work is based on three pillars:

We build on strengths
We primarily focus on strengths, not fixing weaknesses in our leadership development programs.

Practical solutions
We bridge the gap between knowing and doing. We roll up our sleeves and implement change initiatives together with our client instead of just giving advice.

Simplicity and iteration
We move forward in smaller, incremental steps to ensure that things get done and changes are sustained on long term.



Robert Dobay

Tamas Cservenyak

Sigrun Debaillie

Laszlo Filep

Andrea Kasler

Patricia Tarczali

Alexandra Mandoki

Tamas Sitkei

Renata Sover


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