Deliberate Lean Leadership

Program Objectives

When implementing the “Lean Mindset” most companies reach a point when using the tools and methods do not bring significant further development in their production or service delivery systems. A real paradigm-shift is needed. Successful companies promote the lean transformation not just „top-down” but they also support it from the „bottom-up”. Involving the leaders into this change appears not only to be one of the success factors but also a real competitive advantage.

This is exactly where our Deliberate Lean Leadership Program is designed to help: it combines and complements the classical leadership-competence development with the Lean leadership principles and tools not just in sake of the production-related businesses but in office environments as well.

The program puts great emphasis on the practical implementation of the gained knowledge. It adds so called peer-coaching sessions to the usual management topics and complements the “Lean Leadership” topics with transfer- workshops held in small groups where the participating leaders are empowered to try out the usage of the lean leadership tools in their daily practice, collecting own experience and refining their way of working.

Participants not only learn how to improve their effectiveness, but also how to develop efficiency in a Lean context, how to enhance the processes on their field of operation applying the “Lean Mindset” and using the tools and0 m4 ethods of the “Lean Leadership”.

Structure of the program

1. Performance management and supportive communication
    Pair coaching session

2. Responsibilities and roles of the manager in managing and optimising processes
    Transfer workshop – Lean culture, communication and leadership

3. Motivation
    Pair coaching session

4. Strategic thinking: management by objectives, value stream analysis and a flow approach to the flow of material and information
    Transfer workshop – Identifying and eliminating losses in production and office environment

5. Coaching approach to leadership
    Pair coaching session

6. Assertiveness and Conflict management
    Pair coaching session

7. Shopfloor menedzsment
    Transzfer workshop – structured problem solving with the A3 method

8. Time management and Stress management (+ Program closure)
    Pair coaching session


Learning is made effective and attention is maintained through activities, analyses, questionnaires and experiential learning exercises. Although the workshops are fully activity-oriented, we consider it important to summarise the theories and models underlying the content of the thematic workshops.

1. Performance management (objective, feedback, evaluation, supportive communication)

2. Responsibilities and roles of the manager (in a Lean environment)

3. Motivation

4. Strategic thinking

5. Coaching approach to leadership

6. Assertiveness and conflict management

7. Shopfloor management

8. Time Management and Stress Management

Program Elements

The development program consists of 8 one-day thematic workshops and follow-up sessions (pair coaching sessions and small group transfer workshops). The thematic workshops are held approximately monthly, in two semesters. The expected total duration of the programme is 10-12 months.

Thematic workshops are one-day workshops with a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 participants. Paired coaching sessions last 1 hour with 2 participants. Transfer workshops last 2 hours, with 3-4 participants.

The Ac2Manage Lean mobile app is an important complementary element of the program, effectively supporting turning knowledge to action and continuous learning. The combination of workshops, follow-up sessions, regular reflection on experience, peer-to-peer learning and digital on-the-job micro-learning ensure that new knowledge effectively gets transferred into everyday work, and results in lasting behavioural change.



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